Cyber Security

In today's technologically advanced world, Internet has become a necessity for people of all ages and from all areas of life. Almost every business and/or organization now has a presence in the Internet in the form of a website additionally embracing social media, mobility, cloud and persuasive computing.

Though it is a great way to expand business opportunities and improve efficiency level, it is also risks and challenges businesses must face when they go online. Increasing cyber-attacks occur putting business valuable assets, network and data at unnecessary risks.

Gamma Team Security, Inc specializes in providing cyber security services for all types of businesses and organizations. Our solutions are 100% customized and effective. We help minimize existing and potential risks, help protect business network, all critical information and data assets against emerging threats.

Our cyber security services include:

  • Threat management: prevention of targeted and advanced threats aimed to steal business data, threat and security analytics, provision of actionable insight;
  • Vulnerability management: proactive testing of applications, scanning of network and database vulnerabilities.

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